Etsy Upgrade Additional Features

Improve your selling experience!

We can set up a range of additional features on your website to improve both yours and your customers shopping experience.

The Etsy Upgrade Additional Features

Part of why we have been able to make the Etsy Upgrade package so affordable for small businesses is because we have streamlined the design and development phase of building the website. It is also because we have minimised the amount of additional features included in the package. We understand that some businesses would still like to use additional features on their website, so we have compiled a list of features available to you for us to set up on your website, alongside the cost for us to do so.

Instagram Feed

Connect with your customers by sharing your Instagram feed on your website

If you regularly use Instagram to advertise and promote your products, or you simply like to keep your customers up to date through behind the scene photographs, the Instagram Feed App will be the perfect addition to your website. Display your Instagram feed as a banner or as a grid, either way we can integrate it into your website and make it look beautiful!


Gift Box Builder

Do you want to give your customers the chance to build their own gift boxes?

Allow your customers to build their very own gift boxes, full of your products but their choices!

  • We can build your gift box builder to match your websites theme and brand
  • We can add multiple steps to your gift box builder, whether they are different categories or literal steps to building their own gift box! Products, Gift Messages, Packaging, and much more!
  • Your product inventory syncs perfectly with the app and automatically updates - there's no need to worry about how many products you've got left
  • We can set gift boxes at specific prices, or you can allow the price to be set by the products placed in the customers box
  • We can set rules that apply to different steps of your gift box builder - it's in your complete control

Monthly fee paid directly to Shopify's App Developer: £19


Shipping API

Do you send your orders through more than one shipping provider?

Shipstation allows you to use multiple shipping methods, for example: Royal Mail, Hermes, UPS, DHL etc. Shipstation automatically brings in orders from all of your sales channels, giving you more time to spend growing your business. You'll never need to copy and paste an address ever again.

  • Import more orders from more places
  • Instantly check prices for your couriers
  • Instantly print labels
  • Go way beyond ordinary tracking with geo-tracking
  • Track your inventory so you never run out of stock. Shipstation automatically tracks your stock levels and alerts you when your inventory count is running low
  • Detailed analytics and valuable insight into your business to optimise your selling strategy

Monthly fee paid directly to ShipStation: £23


Email Marketing - Advanced Set Up

Do you want to send newsletters, welcome emails and have pop-ups on your website to increase sales?

We can integrate your email marketing software and set up the following features:

  • 1 pop-up (for example, a discount sign up form)
  • Welcome email design and set up
  • Newsletter email design and set up
  • Subscription forms set up & embedding onto your website
  • Subscriber groups
  • All automations - Email that are automatically sent when a customer signs up to a specific pop-up or subscription form.

Please note that you will be required to create an account with your chosen email marketing software/program/business which often has a monthly fee.


Email Marketing

Do you use an email marketing platform to send welcome emails and newsletters?

Integrate your email marketing software such as Mailerlite, Mailchimp and Flodesk. We can connect any forms and pop-ups, that you have already created, to your website.


If you would like help with setting up your email marketing from scratch, please see the additional feature titled 'Advanced Set Up'.

Countdown Announcement Bar

Are you planning a big reveal? an amazing sale?

If you plan on launching a brand new product, or holding an irresistible sale, and would like to build up excitement, then having a countdown in your announcement bar at the top of your website is the perfect way to do exactly that.

Your customers can watch the clock counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until your new product or sale goes live.

This feature can be customised through colour, font, and wording to fit in with your website theme.


Pre-Order System

Take your out of stock products one step further

This application enables your customers to purchase any product that is out of stock, but as a pre-order item. You can select which products you want to show as pre-order items, whether that is all of your products or just a selection of products.

The 'out of stock' button that would normally show on your product page will simply change to a 'pre-order now' button - so it fits right in with your theme.

The application comes with its own dashboard, this way you can easily navigate to a page where all of your pre-order orders are stores, and once you mark them as fulfilled a notification email will automatically be sent to the customer to inform them that their order is on its way.

Monthly fee paid directly to the app developers: £7.65


Back In Stock - Restock Notification

Minimise the amount of sales you lose from out of stock products

When a product on your website goes out of stock, instead of your customer having to check if it's back in stock in a few weeks time (or forgets to check!) - this app enables your customer to receive an automatic notification.

This feature allows us to enable a subscription box to automatically appear on every out of stock item on your website, providing your customers a way to insert their email address and automatically receive an update when their product is back in stock.

This is all automatic and does not require you to do anything. We can customise the subscription box to match your website theme, as well as customise the email that is automatically sent to your customers - meaning it will all follow the theme of your website and brand.

This app has a free plan which provides you with 10 automatic update emails a month. You can upgrade to 100 emails a month for £5, or 1000 emails for £15.50 a month. Depending on which plan you choose, your payment will be taken directly through Shopify each month and not through us. The cost outlined below is for us to set up the feature and customise it to your request.


Reward & Loyalty Membership Program

Encourge & motivate your customers to keep coming back

Boost sales from your existing customer base through referrals, interactive pop ups, points, campaigns, and more!

A reward and loyalty membership program gives your customers access to exclusive perks, attractive discounts, and a fun way to engage with your brand every time they log in to your store to make a purchase.


Royal Mail Integration

Do you use click & drop to print your shipping labels?

Take control with Royal Mail Click & Drop

  • Orders automatically upload to Royal Mail Dashboard
  • Easily create shipping labels
  • Print labels from any workstation
  • Instantly record tracking numbers
  • Get a detailed shipping report each day
  • Easy returns to keep customers coming back
  • Save time and let customers track their own delivery


Digital Upload

Do you sell customised products

If you sell products that require your customers logo, image, and any other form of customisation, this is an essential feature for you. This feature allows your customers to purchase products, such as business cards, business stationary etc. that require their logo. Your customers can then upload their logo, or any other imagery/text they require printing for you to then access.


Digital Downloads

Do you sell e-books, recipes, prints...?

If you sell digital products, and not physical ones, then this is the feature for you. This allows your customers to purchase digital downloads. Your customers get a direct download after checkout, as well as an emailed link to their download. You can also set download limits as needed.


Order Printer

Fed up of the standard Shopify invoice and packing slips

We can set up and customise your invoices and packing slips, meaning they can have your logo on, your colour scheme, your font and any message that you would like to include. This feature also allows you to print your documents in bulk, or one at a time depending on your needs.


Product Reviews Import

Do you have reviews on another selling platform?

If you sell your products on another platform, or you're moving away from another platform and would like to display your reviews, then this feature is perfect for you. For £50, we can import up to 50 reviews on to your website, with an additional cost of £25 for every additional 50 reviews.