Manually Organising Collections

If you haven't created a collection yet, and you are showing your products all in one place - we recommend first creating a collection, as you cannot organise products outside of collections. Click here to read how to create a collection.

Navigate To Your Collection

  • Using the menu, click 'Products' and then 'Collections'
  • You will now see the page where all of your collections are kept
  • Select the collection you would like to organise
  • Once you have selected your collection and the page has opened, you will see a drop down where it says 'Sort' and then the method of sorting. For example, best selling, lowest - highest, etc.
  • If it is not already set to 'Manually', click the dropdown and select 'Manually'
  • Now that you have selected to manually sort your products, you can drag the products within the collection up and down the list using the 6 dots.
  • Once you have placed the products in the order you would like them to appear - Shopify will automatically save your order.

Please Note

When you add a new product to your website and select the collection you would like it to display in, it's important to always go into the collection you have selected and then place the new product in the order you would like it to display in. New products are automatically added to the bottom of the collections list, so if you would like it to be further up the list then this is guide shows you how to do that.

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