Floral Cottage Co.

Pavla, the owner of The Floral Cottage Co., approached us when she knew it was time to upgrade her selling experience and move away from Etsy. Pavla needed to be able to present her premium faux floral products on a premium platform, and using The Etsy Upgrade we were able to do exactly that.

Using a branded colour palette, a minimalist font and over all design, we were able to create a space on the internet that The Floral Cottage Co. could shine brightly.

Designing and creating Pavla’s website was a wonderful experience, and Pavla has become one of our absolute favourite returning clients.

Here are a few words from Pavla herself: “I can highly recommend Jess, she's a magician when it comes to website building. Jess did mine last month and I'm so happy with it. If you are thinking of having a website she's your gal.” 


Please note, once we hand over our clients websites we also hand over full control which includes control of their design. With this in mind, the design of their site may have since changed from what we originally created. You can see our original design in the image below.

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