After working alongside Rachel within our other business, Ethical Joy, we already knew what a beautiful business Rachel was running. So when Rachel later approached us to work with us again, but this time as McLean Creative, we was absolutely delighted. 

Using The Etsy Upgrade Package, and a range of natural photographs, graphics, and colours, we were able to create Rachel a beautiful minamilistic website that represented her business well. 

Working alongside Rachel was an absolute pleasure, and as two people that work hard to live an eco-friendly lifestyle it was refreshing to work with a small business that has nature at the heart of their business. With beautiful products and beautiful values, REWILD.ME is a business you're definitely going to want to check out.

Please note, once we hand over our clients websites we also hand over full control which includes control of their design. With this in mind, the design of their site may have since changed from what we originally created. You can see our original design in the image below. 

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