Your British Store

Louise, the owner of Your British Store, first approached us with a desire to start a brand new small business, and with that small business she required a brand new website.

Not only that, but with no logo, no branding, and no business material, we really were given an empty canvas to work with.

Your British Store was to be stocked full of ‘unique, high-quality and contemporary products which are stylish, fun and colourful - to suit every mood, occasion and budget.’  

As you can see from that short description, Louise’s website needed to represent every one of those qualities. We’re pleased to say that after 4 weeks of working on the project we were able to successfully launch both a new brand now known as Your British Store and a new website that fulfilled each and every one of those qualities.

Your British Store now has a brand new, minimalist logo and a colourful, sleek and modern website that was successfully launched in June 2021.

Here’s a summary of the project and what we provided here at McLean Creative:

  • A brand new logo in multiple variations
  • A brand new website and online store

The Your British Store website features:

  • A premium template chosen by Louise
  • Stock photography sourced by McLean Creative to compliment the Your British Store products
  • An advanced shopping system set up; shop by room or shop by collection
  • A ‘back in stock’ notification system; enabling a subscription box to automatically appear on every out of stock item on the website, providing Louise’s customers a way to insert their email address and automatically receive an update when their desired product is back in stock
  • A minimalist tab system for products with additional information
  • A simple but elegant review system
  • The Royal Mail Integration to simplify the shipping process and speed up valuable time

To view Your British Store, click here.

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