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Know your why

Alex McLean
March 2, 2021

Start with why! what is it, why does matter to you and your business?

Know your why

Author Simon Sinek says that we need to “start with why” when marketing.

What is it? Why do you do what you do?

For example we love small businesses, we believe they are the backbone of our country and the value that they provide is something that should be celebrated. This drives us to help small businesses, and specifically small creators of products to help grow their business, through developing a website and an online presence and strategy. This drives every decision that we make, from our pricing, to the copy on our website, to the posts on social media. It’s why we run @EthicalJoy, to showcase some of the amazing businesses we come across, at a huge cost to our time and energy, but it’s worth it, because it’s what we believe in.

So, what’s your why? What drives you to spend so much time and energy on your business? What problems are you solving? Knowing this will help you craft your marketing strategy.

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