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Refunding an Order

As part of an online business it is essential that you know how to refund a customer. This guide will show you how.

Hopefully you will never need to refund a customer, but the chances are that you probably will have to at some point during your online adventure. At some point a parcel may get lost, damaged, stolen or you might even sell a product that you have ran out of stock with. So, you will need to know how to refund that customer. Here's how you do that.

This is a pre-made guide so please ignore the dollar signs. The guide is exactly the same for UK orders.


Locate the Order

  • Log into your Shopify account.
  • Using the menu on the left hand side of your screen, select 'Orders'/
  • Select the order that you need to refund.

Refunding a specific order

  • Now that you have selected the order that you would like to refund, the detailed order page will load.
  • Select the button titled 'Refund items' located at the top of the page.

Refund Page

  • Now that you have clicked 'refund items' another page will appear titled 'Refund items'
  • Select the products that you would like to refund the customer for by using the quantity box.
  • If you only want to refund the customer for one item, make sure you only select this quantity box.
  • If you want to refund your customer for all of the products, make sure you select every quantity box.

Restocking an item whilst in the refund process

  • The restock option is only available if you are tracking the products inventory.
  • Items are automatically set to restock when you refund a customer.
  • If your customer has returned the item and it can be added back into your stock then you can leave the box 'restock item' ticked.
  • If the item has been damaged or lost then make sure you untick the box titled 'Restock item'.

Shipping Costs

  • If you charge for shipping and would like to refund your customer for the shipping fee then make sure you enter the correct amount.
  • If you didn't charge for shipping this option does not appear.

Reason for Refund

  • You will have the option to write a reason for the refund so that you can refer back to it in the future.
  • This only appears in the Shopify admin, so your customer will not be able to see it.

Sending your customer a notification

  • If you would like your customer to receive a notification once you have completed the refund process then make sure you tick the box titled 'Send a notification to the customer' located underneath the 'Refund' button.

Refunding your customer

  • As you proceed though these different options the refund amount will update accordingly.
  • If the amount is incorrect and you need to adjust this, you can do so by entering the correct amount in the text box.
  • Please note that the refund amount cannot be higher than the customers original payment.
  • When you are ready. Click 'Refund' to refund the customer.

Refund complete

  • Once you have clicked 'Refund' you will automatically be sent to the next page where you can view the details of the refund.
  • You have now refunded your customer.

Refund processing time

  • It is important to note that a refund can take anywhere between 5-10 days to enter your customers bank account. Please inform them of this when you discuss their refund.

More information

  • For more information on how to refund and cancel an order, please click this link