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Etsy Upgrade
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Do you want to take your Etsy Store to the next level?

We help small business owners grow their business through their very own online store.

We are Jess and Alex, a small husband and wife web design team based in Northamptonshire.

Here at McLean Creative, we’ve created a package deal for Etsy Sellers that enables small businesses, no matter what size, the ability to have their own website and online store that represents their individual brand – at an affordable cost.

The Etsy Upgrade Package

Helping small business owners take their business to the next level.

1. Getting Started

We’ll send you our getting started pack, complete with important information, font pairings and colour scheme options, as well as forms for you to complete to help get us started.

2. Site templates

The Etsy Upgrade offers you the choice of four different site templates, all of which can be completely personalised for you through images, fonts, and colours.

3. your website

Your website will have the full set up, including a beautiful home page, an about page to tell your story, a contact page, and of course the main highlight: your very own online store. 

4. your products

The Etsy Upgrade includes 40 free product uploads to your website, meaning we’ll do all of the work for you. If you have more than this though, we can discuss adding them to the site.

5. additional features

We can set up a range of additional features on your website to improve both yours and your customers shopping experience. Click here to read about the additional features we offer and their prices.

6. Website hand over

Finally, once your website is complete we'll hand over the ownership to you. When this happens we will provide you with all of the information you need to feel confident in operating your brand new site.


But first, why do you need a website?

More and more small businesses are adding a website to their list of sales tools, and you should be too. Why? Because your own website and online store…

  • Enables easy access to your products, increasing sales
  • Is more affordable. Shopify only charges 2.2% + 20p per transaction compared to Etsy's whopping 9% + 20p per transaction!
  • Represents your brand - with your style, images, colours, text, and products
  • Enables you to update your customers through email sign-ups and newsletters
  • Means no more easy access to competing businesses, sharing is caring but your bank won't agree!

These are just a few of the many reasons to have your own website, but they are the most important.

Now you know why you should consider having a website, you might be wondering if you can do it yourself. Why should you hire someone to do it for you? It’s a good question, and one we’re going to answer honestly.

Can you?

Can you build your own website?

The honest answer to that question is yes, yes you can build your own website – anyone can if they use the tools available to them. Something to consider is the time involved, the level of expertise required, as well as the experience and knowledge needed to make your website successful.

here's an example we like to use

We want to a beautiful custom-built wardrobe fitted in our new home. Can we build it ourselves? Probably. Do we have the time? No. Do we have the expertise? No. To build our own custom-built wardrobe we would need to dedicate ourselves to researching and practicing our technique before we can use it and before we can even come close to creating the finished product we desire, and let’s face it… we would still run the risk of it falling apart it one way or another.

Just like building a custom-built wardrobe, there is much more to building a website than making it look beautiful. Yes, your website should be beautiful and draw in customers, but there’s much more to it than just that. It needs to do its job properly, just like my custom-built wardrobe needs to function properly too.

So, what does your website need to do other than to look beautiful? Your website needs to actively convert your audience into paying customers, and guess what, we know how to do that!

At McLean Creative, we may not know how to build a custom-built wardrobe, but we do have the experience of designing and developing websites that successfully convert potential customers into customers that keep on coming back.

We have the time, the knowledge, the formatting skills, design skills and development skills to transform your business and bring it to the online world. The question simply is, will you let us?

Our pricing

We designed The Etsy Upgrade Package for small businesses, and we promise to always keep it affordable.

Alongside the Etsy Upgrade Package, we also offer additional features that we can implement on your website to enhance your marketing strategy and customer experience.

Click here to read about the additional features we offer.
Etsy upgrade

Start-up Package


If you aren't quite ready for the full Etsy Upgrade Package, then this is the option for you. While this option may be limited, you will still receive a beautiful fully functioning website that you can call your own. It's the perfect step in the right direction.

  • Pages include: Home, About, Shop, Contact, Delivery & Returns and Privacy Policy.
  • Edits to text, colour, images & fonts
  • 40 Product uploads
  • 1 Round of amendments

Place a 50% deposit to secure your place in our calendar and have a complete website within 2 weeks of the start date.

Shopify Monthly cost: £21

etsy upgrade

The Etsy Upgrade


The perfect package for the next stage in your business. Designed to offer all that you need to receive a beautifully developed, brand new website to call your own. The Etsy Upgrade Package includes everything that's essential to owning a website, and much more.

  • Pages include: Home, About, Shop, Contact, Delivery & Returns and Privacy Policy.
  • Up to 3 additional page setups. E.G: Wholesale page, Partners, Stockists, FAQ's.
  • 1 Free additional feature*
  • Edits to the content and theme layout
  • 40 Product uploads
  • Basic SEO: Page descriptions and image alt text
  • Stock photography: free stock images only
  • 2 Round of Website Amendments

*1 Free Additional Feature: Priced at £75 and below.

Place a £500 deposit to secure your place in our calendar and have a complete website within 4 weeks of the start date.

Shopify Monthly cost: £21

etsy upgrade

Premium Package


With custom built websites starting at around 5-10K, we can build you a premium website at a fraction of the cost. Using our bespoke process, you can receive a beautifully designed website specific to both your requirements and dreams.

  • Access to Premium Template Files
  • 10 Additional page setups
  • 3 Free Additional Features
  • Content and Template Customisation
  • Basic SEO: Page descriptions and image alt text
  • Instagram Store Set Up*
  • Premium stock photography
  • 2 Rounds of Website Amendments

*Terms and conditions apply to the setup

Place a £500 deposit to secure your place in our calendar and have a complete website within 6 weeks of the start date.

Shopify Monthly cost: £21

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