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"Quality stationary is not only the face of your business, but it leaves a long lasting impression on your customers. You can find a range of personalised stationary here at deedoubleyou printing, from stickers to cards and personalised vellum."

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Daniella was one of our very first clients when we began working with the Etsy Upgrade Package, and recently we had the privilege to work with her again to rebrand her business. Daniella had chosen to rebrand her business using an adapted name, a brand new logo, a new colour scheme, and a brand new domain. We were able to update all of these aspects across Daniella's website within the store front and the settings, as well as setting up the new domain across the website, Facebook, and Daniella's instagram store. We also used this opportunity to transform Daniella's basic stationary store front design to a brand new, sleek modern design that represented her new brand identity brilliantly.

Daniella also requested we make some improvements on the system that we had originally put in place, which is how Daniella's customers upload their logos when purchasing customised stationary products. We were able to improve this system by adding in a new tick box section to the product pages where Daniella's customers now have to tick the box to agree that the image that they upload of their logo is in the best quality possible. This new system means that customers can only proceed to add their product to their cart if they tick this box, meaning Daniella can now avoid any claims against her work that solely rely on customers uploading high quality images.

It's always a joy to be able to work with our past clients to help them improve their website and systems, and Daniella was no exception to that. To see Daniella's new design, you can view the image below or head to

Please note, once we hand over our clients websites we also hand over full control which includes control of their design. With this in mind, the design of their site may have since changed from what we originally created. You can see our original design in the image below.


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