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She Shell Crafts

"Specialising in decoupage, She Shell Crafts enhances the natural beauty of native oyster and flat scallop shells. All of the shells at She Shell Crafts are ethically and locally sourced within the UK, and make the ideal jewellery or trinket holder, as well as the perfect tea light holder, or to simply be used to add a decorative touch to your home decor: the world is literally your oyster."

She Shell Crafts
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Having the opportunity to work with Dia and her beautiful, unique products was an absolute delight. Whenever a business as creative as She Shell Crafts contacts us here at McLean Creative, it's a very exciting moment. We have absolutely loved building each and every website in our portfolio, but when we have the opportunity to build such a creative design it makes it all the more enjoyable. 

Dia needed a space to call her own, dedicated to She Shell Crafts, where she could allow her own brand identity and personality to shine through, and we were able to achieve this goal through The Etsy Upgrade Package. Using a fun and unique font, images that showcase the natural products that She Shell Cratfts uses, and a branded colour palette, we were able to bring She Shell Crafts to life in the form a brand new website and online store. 

For customer trust and transparency, we also imported all of She Shell Crafts reviews from Etsy onto the new website, ready for Dia's new and returning customers to read before placing their orders. 

Head to to see the site in action, and make sure you take a moment to appreciate how beautiful her seashells are.

Please note, once we hand over our clients websites we also hand over full control which includes control of their design. With this in mind, the design of their site may have since changed from what we originally created. You can see our original design in the image below.


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